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Monday, April 18, 2005

Running scared

You can certainly tell that the Conservatives have the Lie-berals on the ropes. Their election spin machines are out in full force with fear mongering the effects of anyone but the Fiberals running the country.

A long list of government bills -- from same-sex marriage legislation to new protections for children -- will be lost if an election is called.

And there will be a collective sigh of relief from a majority of Canadians if this is indeed the case. This is the first I have seen child protection associated with a nationalized daycare system. If this legislation does not pass the only thing the children will be protected from is the indoctrination of immoral liberal values. With the Conservatives favoring tax credits for stay at home parents, this is confirmation that the Liberals want to destruct the traditional family in favor of their "nanny state".

Canadians will be hurt if they can't get promised personal and corporate tax cuts, improvements to RRSP investment rules, more money for seniors and millions for city transit systems, roads and sewers, says Finance Minister Ralph Goodale.

No Ralph Canadians have been hurt for a good part of two decades by your government's tax increases and lack of tax cuts. Your government has stolen gas tax money earmarked for transportation infrastructure for years and now are "promising" to give a pittance back.

I'm hoping Canadians are on to your misbaked truths, lies, and fearmongering and realize the policies of the Liberals are leaving Canada morally and fiscally bankrupt. Unless of course you own an advertisement agency and are willing donate a portion of your fee back to the Liberal party.


Blogger soup2 said...

It breaks my heart that my former favorite goalie is in charge of the daycare nonsense. I can't believe people are willing to give their children over to the state like that.

11:15 PM  
Blogger Shaky said...

You can make the case that the Chretien administration made some shading dealings with on the sponsorship file, but it is just a lie to state the Canadians have been hurt economically by the Liberal administration. The largest tax cuts in past 30 years have come under the Liberals. Let us call a spade a spade. And not revisit the economic diaster that was the Mulroney (or Devine in your case)years.

3:31 PM  

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